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How to Submit a Sample to Barrow-Agee Laboratories

Thank you for your interest in working with Barrow-Agee Laboratories. Once you have received and approved your testing quote, it’ll be time to pack up and ship your samples to our laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s very important that your samples are packed and shipped properly to prevent them from becoming spoiled during transit.

First, please download and complete the Sample Submission Form below. It should be included with your samples or emailed to your client services representative.

How to Pack and Ship Samples

  • Sample sizes for all Proximate-related tests must be at least 200 grams
  • Perishable samples should be shipped by overnight courier in an insulated shipping container with ice to maintain 2-10°C
  • Microbiological samples should be shipped overnight in coolers with ice packs to maintain a refrigerated temperature of <10º C (< 50º F)
  • For the best service, please select 8:00 AM delivery for overnight shipments
  • Samples need to be clearly identified in indelible ink and may be contained in appropriate glass, metal, whirl-pak, or plastic containers
  • Paper documents identifying the samples should be enclosed in plastic (e.g., zip-lock or whirl-pak bag) to protect the paperwork from moisture or contact with the samples

You’ll be notified upon receipt of the sample(s) if the paperwork does not clearly describe the requested analysis or does not completely identify the samples submitted. In addition, you’ll be notified if the sample arrives in a thermally abused manner or if the integrity of the sample container is disturbed.

How Your Results Are Sent

Once you’ve shipped your samples and we’ve received them, we will begin processing them within 5 hours of receipt (limited to business days unless other arrangements have been made). Most tests will be completed within five business days. Once completed, your results will be emailed to you as a PDF. Your results will also be available to you in your online results portal and dashboard. Additional methods of delivery are available as well.

How Samples Are Stored and Secured

Perishable samples are stored frozen or refrigerated for 30 days. Non-perishable samples are stored at room temperature for 30 days. Sample storage greater than 30 days is available upon request and may result in a fee for long term sample storage. The laboratory maintains secure access 24 hours per day and is monitored by a security alarm after hours. Only trained, authorized personnel come in contact with the samples. In cases where more stringent custody requirements are required, sample custody procedures will be discussed with the client before sample submittal, and a “Chain of Custody Record” form will be utilized until completion of the analysis and reporting of the analytical results has occurred.

What to Expect with Turn-Times

Our standard service time for most chemistry analyses is within five business days (M–F) from the time of receipt of the sample. Microbiology testing is started the day samples are received and time to result is limited by method-required incubation times. Exceptions to this service will occur for non-routine sample preparation, non-routine analysis, and outsourced testing.

About Priority and Expedited Services

We offer several options for priority service on many of our chemistry testing offerings, including one and two-day service options. For optimum priority service, please choose Priority 8:00 AM delivery for your shipping. A surcharge will apply to rush service to account for the additional labor to process expedited analysis. Please note that some analyses (e.g., microbiological assays) cannot be completed using priority service.

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