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How Laboratory Outsourcing Can Help Ease Current Difficulties

laboratory outsourcing

Get Additional Testing Help to Enhance or Replace Current Capabilities

In ideal times, most proactive organizations would prefer to rely on their own in-house testing divisions to handle the breadth and width of testing across their own specific food production and animal feed industries.

But these are not ideal times. The ongoing and persistent battle against the pandemic and a host of other factors have led to supply chain challenges and labor shortages across virtually every sector of business. Under these circumstances and pressures, more and more companies are exploring laboratory outsourcing as a solution.

Labor shortages are a real factor in limiting economic growth for many organizations. Supply chain issues have driven up costs for many others. For instance, a survey of local chamber of commerce leaders by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reveals that 90 percent of these leaders say that labor shortages are limiting economic growth.

These factors are limiting the ability of many companies in the food industry to conduct in-house testing. Such organizations are finding they need laboratory outsourcing to supplement their own internal operations to avoid business operations due to these current challenges.

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4 Laboratory Outsourcing Solutions

When exploring options for an external laboratory testing partner, you’ll want one with experience and one that has built trust with a strong track record. Barrow-Agee Laboratories, as a full-service food safety and quality testing services provider, provides support in a variety of ways across multiple industries.

With more than a century of experience in assisting businesses of all sizes — from local organizations to national brands — Barrow-Agree provides agility and responsiveness to customers to keep their production running smoothly despite internal lab shortages. Whether you’re seeking to augment your own internal operations or an external lab to take the lead on food safety testing, we help you manage regulations and quality control standards efficiently and effectively.

Solutions shouldn’t come in one size, either. There are multiple ways laboratory outsourcing can help, and multiple roles the right partner lab can fulfill.

Full Service Lab

Food production companies face the pressure of increasing or maintaining output while meeting high safety standards. By outsourcing food safety testing, companies have engaged a partner that specializes in staying current with the latest testing methods, regulations, and standards. When that partner is a full service laboratory, you avoid the necessity of having to find different labs to support different testing needs and streamline the process.

Not every food safety testing lab is a full service provider. As companies seek to outsource lab services, it’s important to find out how exactly the testing will be managed, and which tests the lab performs. With a full service lab, you have a single source of contact which leads to easier processes for testing requests and more fluid communication. All test reporting and data are centralized through one provider for increased access and transparency.

Backup Lab

Resiliency, stability, and agility have all been highlighted as needs for organizations moving forward after the events of the last two years. As recent experience has shown, dynamics in any business can change dramatically with little warning or lead time. A backup lab can act as a safety net, or an insurance policy, for when unexpected circumstances sideline your own testing capabilities or those of your regular external provider.

Having a trusted backup lab can be the difference between meeting customer demands or falling behind. With our proven credentials, expert support, and fast turnaround times, Barrow-Agee is equipped to provide assistance when you need it. We provide the vital services you need and can be utilized on an as-needed basis to keep your operations running when demand outpaces your internal resources. Our backup lab services deliver quick results — ask your 24/7 designated contact for expedited testing — you can trust.

Internal Lab Support

Your own internal lab ensures common testing needs meet your specific industry standards and are conducted according to your schedule. However, sometimes extra lab support is necessary. During a particularly busy season or anytime demand outpaces your own lab’s capacity, Barrow-Agee offers lab support to serve as a valuable extension of your own team.

If demand exceeds your reach, or if you simply want to outsource certain types of tests, our team will work with you by offering our expertise across our complete portfolio of food safety lab testing services. With numerous key accreditations, certifications, and other endorsements from industry, state, and federal organizations, we’re capable of meeting and exceeding your standards and specific requests.

Referee Lab

Occasionally you may be mandated to go to an external lab. This is mandatory when seeking the services of a certified referee laboratory. There are two primary reasons a company will seek out a referee lab: in the case of dispute between processors and their customers, and/or if a company is found to be in violation of certain quality criteria per FDA standards or based on company guarantees.

The National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) and the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) designate certain labs as referee labs, certifying the ability of these labs to confirm the quality of soybeans and their processing by-products and to mediate disputes between processors and their customers. For 2021-22, there are only eight such labs designated across the U.S. — Barrow-Agee is one of them, and has consistently been an AOCS certified referee lab since the program began in 1917.

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We’re Ready to be Your Laboratory Outsourcing Partner

Barrow-Agee Laboratories is a full-service laboratory that can rely on for all of your testing needs. From microbiology and organic chemistry testing to support for animal feeds and pesticides, our expert team is ready to give you the results you need as quickly as possible while providing a timely, professional, and easy experience along the way.

We’re capable of handling all your needs and serving as your go-to testing provider, or stepping in to add more capacity for when circumstances dictate.

Connect with Barrow-Agee today to learn more about laboratory outsourcing options and how to submit a sample.

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