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food ingredient analysis

Please note that Barrow-Agee Laboratories is a commercial food ingredient analysis laboratory. We do not provide these services for individuals.

Confidently Deliver High Quality Products with Food Ingredient Analysis

The best way to know exactly what’s in your food is to analyze it through skilled and thorough testing. Food ingredient analysis takes a deep look at the nutritional values and flavor profiles as well as the chemical, microbial, and physical properties of your food products to make sure that they meet your high standards. It’s also helpful in identifying allergens, substantiating claims for certification purposes and labeling, or for determining authenticity of ingredients throughout your supply chain so that you can be confident in delivering exactly what consumers expect.

Should any issues or concerns be identified during the food ingredient analysis, we partner with you to determine a pathway for improvement. Of course, we’ll also share all the positive aspects of your samples. All of our testing methods are backed by numerous accreditations, certifications, and proficiency testing approvals so you can rest assured that your samples will be expertly analyzed.

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Barrow-Agee Laboratories is ready to assist you with your food ingredient analysis. Our testing process is accurate and efficient, allowing us to get precise sample results back to you in as little as five business days. And, if you need expedited testing, we will be more than happy to help. At all times, you’ll have a dedicated contact to help you answer any customer service or technical questions, as well as an online results portal.

For more than 100 years, we have supported the food ingredient testing needs of industries that keep the world healthy and happy. Whether you’re looking to supplement the testing capabilities of an in-house lab, or are looking to outsource your testing needs, we’re ready to partner with you. Performing more than 150,000 tests per year, our team handles each sample and testing requirement with precision and a service-oriented approach, ensuring you get the results you need in your respective industry and market.

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Whatever your testing needs may be, Barrow-Agee has the testing solution and support to help you get the results you need.

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