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Ensuring Quality and Safety in the Biofuels Industry

While the biofuel industry is working wonders in the production of non-geological consumable resources, biofuels themselves are not necessarily free from unwanted elements. To support the biofuels industry in the safe production, processing, distribution, and consumption of its products, Barrow-Agee is pleased to serve as a biofuels testing laboratory offering services that ensure quality from start to finish.

When you partner with us, we can analyze any sample — now matter how large or small — for traces of unwanted elements such as residues and contaminants. Whether your products are generated from vegetable or animal fats, we can help your organization better understand your biofuels’ composition and quality and help you deliver a better product to the market.

How Our Biofuels Testing Lab Process Works

We understand that you have a business to run, goods to produce and ship, and customers with demands that you need to meet. Our biofuels testing lab services can often be completed and your results sent to you in less than a week — ensuring you’re able to maintain smooth operations and get your products into consumers’ hands. Expedited analysis is also available as needed. Our biofuels testing process is simple:

  1. Contact us to discuss your biofuels testing needs
  2. Collect the recommended number of samples
  3. Complete the Barrow-Agee Laboratories Sample Form
  4. Ship the samples and the completed form to Barrow-Agee Laboratories
  5. The samples will be processed within 5 hours of receipt
  6. Most test results will be emailed within 5 days

Partner with Our Biofuels Testing Lab Today

When you partner with Barrow-Agee Laboratories for biofuels testing, you not only receive comprehensive and reliable test results, but you also get the personalized service you can’t get with other labs. We’re not just scientists — we’re people that understand the impact testing makes in customers’ lives, and we’re here to help you succeed. You’ll even have a 24/7 emergency contact for any immediate needs as well as responsive technical service and a custom reports and online results portal available to you at all times.

Submit a Sample

Whatever your testing needs may be, Barrow-Agee has the testing solution and support to help you get the results you need.