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How We’re Responding to COVID-19


[Updated 3/23/2020] More than 100 years ago, Barrow-Agee Laboratories was founded on a strong set of core values — the first and foremost being safety. Every year since then, we have followed and operated on those values. In light of that commitment, we wanted to take this opportunity to share what we’re doing for our employees and our customers to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop.

An Update from CEO Roger E. Beers

We’d like to take a moment to provide a brief update about our efforts regarding COVID-19. First and foremost, Barrow-Agee Laboratories remains open and available for all of your testing needs. We are an essential operation and will continue operating to meet the increasing needs of our customers to support their business needs.

Additionally, we have restructured our organization to allow our employees to run extended shifts, if needed, to 20 hours per day. We are also committed to maintaining a safe work environment and have implemented consistent sanitizing rules as well as social distancing inside our labs at all times. If you have any questions about our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call me at (901) 332-1590 ext. 206.

What We’re Doing for You

  • We’re maintaining standard operations to ensure you have the testing support you need and are making preparations to retain outside support as needed.
  • We’ve increased our levels of sanitation in our facilities and are increasing our deep cleaning efforts.
  • We’ve increased raw materials to prevent interruption in the event of shortages.
  • We’re making shift changes to ensure we have safe distances between lab technicians and employees.
  • We’re no longer taking or scheduling in-person meetings. Any in-person meetings already scheduled are being rescheduled.

What We’re Doing for Our Team

  • We’ve provided training and information to employees on COVID-19, including how to properly sanitize and how often to sanitize.
  • We’ve increased the availability of sanitizers and the frequency of disinfecting efforts in our facilities.
  • We’ve shared expectations on what employees should do if they feel sick and will send home any employees if they are sick.
  • We’ve discussed procedures for employees to notify us if they have come in contact with any COVID-19 positive persons at any time.

For More Information

If you have any questions about our efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 901.332.1590 or We’re committed to helping you maintain your operations — just as we always have been and always will be.

For information on how you can do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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