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There are two main reasons why a referee lab may be needed: in the case of a dispute between processors and their customers, and/or if a company is found to be in violation of certain quality criteria per FDA standards or based on company guarantees. 

The National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) and the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) designates certain labs as referee labs, certifying the ability of these labs to confirm the quality of soybeans and their processing byproducts and to mediate disputes between processors and their customers.

In 2019–2020, only 12 labs were designated according to AOCS. One of these 12 is Barrow-Agee, which has been an AOCS Certified Referee Lab since the start of the program in 1917.

How a Referee Lab Helps Your Business

If you work with or produce products containing soy, particularly animal feed, you might find yourself in need of a certified referee lab to test or confirm the composition of your product. When the quality or composition of a product is in question, samples can be sent to a certified lab for an unbiased analysis based on moisture, protein, and fiber content. If a problem is identified, testing services can also help provide in-depth solutions to improve your product and protect your business.

In order to qualify as an ACOS Certified Referee Lab, a lab must have an ACOS Approved Chemist on staff for the analysis of Oilseed Meal, must participate in the Oilseed Meal series of the Laboratory Proficiency Program for one year prior to approval, and must pass an examination of laboratory facilities by the ACOS Examination Board.

Barrow-Agee Laboratories performs more than 35,000 referee analyses per year with an average turn-time of three to five days. Our experts are up-to-date on certifications within the feed industry and have a long track record of providing exemplary service. 

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