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Internal Lab Support

Get the Lab Support You Need When You Need It Most

Ongoing, regular laboratory testing is an essential part of keeping up with safety regulations, and internal labs are an efficient way to keep business running smoothly. Your internally housed and operated lab ensures that testing meets your specific industry standards and is conducted according to the schedule and specifications of your company and products. But sometimes, extra lab support is a necessity.

If you have a busy season, or your demand begins to ramp up beyond typical levels, the capacity or capabilities of an in-house laboratory can be exhausted. Or, perhaps you want to outsource only certain types of tests while keeping others in-house. Barrow-Agee provides internal lab support by integrating our team with yours as an extension of your in-house scientists. We offer our expertise across our complete portfolio of food safety lab testing services including microbiology, organic and inorganic chemistry, grain proximates, fats and oils, pesticides/residues, and nutritional labeling.

Trusted Testing Assistance with Personalized Service

Barrow-Agee’s experienced technicians are on hand to extend the capabilities of your internal team. Our labs perform more than 150,000 tests per year, giving us the facilities and experience to meet the specific needs of your industry and market. 

Ease of communication is a priority at Barrow-Agee. Your own designated contact will work with you throughout the testing process as a personalized supplement to our easily-accessible online system. Once you have consulted with your representative, you can gather and ship your samples, and we will begin processing them on business days within five hours of their arrival at our lab. Testing will usually be completed within five business days, and your results will be available through our online portal. In times of increased demand or emergency circumstances, we’re happy to offer high-volume testing and expedited turn-times to meet your needs.

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