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Laboratory testing in food safety is an essential process that protects millions of consumers from food-based dangers while ensuring high-quality products. And that doesn’t change even when you’re stretched beyond your means.

Labs today are being tasked to conduct a broader range of tests in higher quantities with fewer resources, stretching technicians and equipment thin and stressing turnaround times. Recent events have highlighted the risk of foregoing contingency plans for when your internal team isn’t at full capacity. When labs are left unstaffed or understaffed due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, it can spell disaster for your schedule and your bottom line.
Having a trusted backup lab can make the difference between meeting customer expectations or falling behind. Barrow-Agee is there with all of the vital capabilities you require and can be tapped into on an as-needed basis to keep you running when demand outpaces your internal resources.

A Backup Lab is Like a Safety Net

Our team understands the need to maintain operations, provide quality testing, and get products to consumers on time. That’s why you can partner with our backup lab services on short notice, with testing on business days beginning no more than five hours after samples arrive at our lab. Within five days from that point, results are emailed to you and become available through our convenient online portal. Need results even faster? Ask your 24/7 designated contact for expedited testing.

Urgency doesn’t come at the expense of quality. 

Contact Barrow-Agee today if you need testing support.

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