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Barrow-Agee Laboratories Names Greg Crosby as New Chief Financial Officer

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August 27, 2019 Memphis, Tennessee — Barrow-Agee Laboratories, a Memphis, Tennessee-based laboratory testing services provider, has announced Greg Crosby as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Crosby brings to Barrow-Agee Laboratories a tenured background with experience in the manufacturing, food processing, and agriculture industries. His work has ranged with companies from startups to large-scale corporations, and in various roles with each organization, has acted as a manufacturing operations controller, corporate controller, single plant to division controller, and corporate controller.

“We are pleased to have Greg join us at Barrow-Agee Laboratories as our new CFO. With his background, experience, and dedication to quality assurance, he was the perfect fit for our lab. His ideas and vision for future projects are exactly what we were looking for,” said Roger Beers, Barrow-Agee Laboratories CEO.

Looking ahead at Barrow-Agee, Crosby’s goal is to enhance visibility and organization within the lab. This will aid both employees and customers in the process of understanding what the interworking of the lab does, and how it affects customer relations by allowing the lab to better execute on deliverables.

Delivering accurate, timely results is a top priority for the lab, which Crosby supports through his vision for Barrow-Agee to be recognized as the leading supplier of testing solutions nationwide. Another goal for Crosby is to take advantage of their relationships within the Memphis area, enabling greater local support and even faster turn-times.

“Geographically, we are positioned where there is less risk of any delays by freight or transportation. The quality of our CEO, the experiences that he has in our industry, my financial background, and our lab’s commitment to customer service all combine to create a world-class lab testing experience for our customers — one that we’re always looking to enhance and will continue to strengthen in the months and years ahead ” Crosby said. 

About Barrow-Agee Laboratories

Barrow-Agee Laboratories is located in Memphis, Tennessee and has provided food and material testing services for more than 100 years. The lab holds numerous accreditations, certifications, and registrations, making them an industry expert for various testing methods. Barrow aims to provide accurate analysis and timely results to its customers and has scaled to serve companies across the nation.


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