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Barrow-Agee Laboratories Invests in the Future

invest in the future

Memphis, Tennessee — Last year was a banner year for Barrow-Agee Laboratories with the addition of our new and expanded leadership team, new instrumentation, technology and an increase in the analytical tests we offer. As a result, we are positioned to better serve our customers in 2019 and beyond. Learn more about how we invest in the future.

“We’ve seen an increase in business and demand, and the past year allowed us to position our company for significant growth,” said Roger Beers, CEO of Barrow-Agee Labs. “We are excited about the increased offerings and capacity we’ll offer in 2019, as well as the focus on organizational optimization to keep us competitive, productive, and staffed with the highest quality of talented, motivated employees.”

We Invest in the Future with New Equipment

Barrow-Agee Labs added a Perkin Elmer NexION 2000 ICP-Mass Spectrometer to their Inorganic Chemistry Lab for metal contaminant testing. The machine won Perkin Elmer an award in April 2018 for its new technique that enables users to quantify the amount of metal in an individual cell for the first time. With this purchase, Barrow-Agee Labs can test for metal contaminants at a lower minimum detectable level, which accommodates California’s Proposition 65 regulations.

A new, larger, custom heated water bath was added to the Fats & Oils Lab to increase capacity for analyzing total fatty acids, neutral oil loss, and unsaponified matter. Likewise, sample heating stations were added to the Proximates Lab to increase Crude Fiber testing capacity by 30% and better serve the needs of customers with improved turnaround time.

“The new equipment reinforces our position as industry leaders with cutting-edge technology, and increases our capacity to allow for faster turnaround time and more testing without straining resources,” said Kami Fusco, Barrow-Agee’s lab director.

New Tests, New Verticals

“We saw an opportunity to move into the color analysis market, as more and more of our customers required these types of tests,” Fusco said. “We purchased a HunterLab Spectrocolorimeter in 2018 to provide Hunter Color Testing on solid and liquid samples, expanding our testing portfolio to give our clients more options from one provider.”

Hunter Color Testing measures color quality control and standardization on a variety of manufactured products and is a complement to the variety of manufacturing quality tests that Barrow-Agee Labs offers (including metals analysis, which the newly purchased NexION 2000 ICP-Mass Spectrometer performs).

Barrow-Agee Labs is also now offering services to the biofuels industries in the form of DDG (dried distiller grains) and DDGS (dried distiller grains with solubles) testing.

Positioning the Company for Growth

Anticipating increased output in response to demand in 2019, Barrow-Agee Labs has reorganized their leadership team to invest in the future, accommodate growth, and provide better opportunities for advancement for team members.

“We recognized untapped leadership talents of our existing team members and decided to better utilize them,” Beers said. “We believe this will help build our business by providing accurate and precise test results, on time, and position us for future growth by expanding our leadership team and positioning new leaders for the future.”

About Barrow-Agee

Barrow-Agee is an FDA-registered and ISO-certified provider of testing solutions to North American food manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Barrow-Agee’s highly trained scientists utilize current technology to conduct a variety of client tests with core expertise in food safety, microbiology, nutrients, ingredients, fats and oils, pesticide residue analysis, heavy metals, inorganic analysis and animal feed tests.

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