Soybean in a hand

What a Referee Laboratory Is & What to Expect When Working With One

Soybeans and their processing byproducts can be found in multiple applications worldwide. Because soybeans contain all eight essential amino acids necessary for health, they are often crushed into soybean meal for use in other products — some for humans, but mostly as a protein source for farm animals. Currently, around 85 percent of the global soybean production is processed into soybean meal, with around 98 percent of the resulting meal used as the primary source of protein for farm animals.

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pet food testing lab

What to Look for in a Pet Food Testing Lab

What’s in the Food is What’s in the News

If you watch or read the news, you may have heard about recent FDA warnings against certain pet food brands and their products. Pet food warnings and recalls are nothing new, but in 2019, several warnings have already been issued for products that have tested positive for everything from Salmonella to Listeria monocytogenes.

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new website

Say Hello to Barrow-Agee’s New Website

Our commitment at Barrow-Agee is to deliver high-quality, advanced services, and that includes the digital experience our customers expect. With that in mind, we began the process of developing a new look and functionality to our website at the start of 2019, creating a navigable platform that showcases the expertise and services that Barrow-Agee Labs delivers.

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