USP/FCC-See footnote for pricing information

Acid Value (Free Fatty Acids), USP 401/FCC


Acidity or Alkalinity, USP


Amino Acid Assay, USP/FCC (Titration; includes LOD)


Anisidine Value, USP 401


Arsenic, USP 211


Ascorbic Acid Assay, USP


Ash, USP 561/FCC


Assay for Polyols, USP


Betaine HCL Assay, USP


Bulk Density, USP


Boric Acid, USP/FCC


Caffeine Assay, USP


Calcium, USP 221


Calcium Ascorbate, USP


Chloride Limit Test, USP 221


Citric Acid Assay, USP


Color, USP


Congealing Temperature, USP 651


Crystallinity, USP 695


Enterobacterial Count , USP 2021


Escherichia coli,  USP 62 / 2022


Eucalyptus Oil


Fatty Acids, USP


Fatty Acid Composition/Profile, USP


Foreign Substances  (Lanolin)**


Free Fatty Acids, USP 401


Free Salicylic Acid


Glycerin Assay, USP


Heavy Metals, USP 231, Method I 


Hydrogen Peroxide Assay, USP


Hydroxyl Value, USP 401


Identification Tests-Infrared Absorption *


Identification Tests-General, USP 191, per test


Infrared Absorption, USP 197 *


Invert Sugar


Iodine Assay, USP


Iodine Value, USP 401/FCC


Iron Limit Test, USP 241


Lanolin Foreign Substances **




Limit of Benzene


Limit of Ethyl Acetate and Cyclohexane


Limit of Isopropyl Alcohol


Limit of Magnesium and Alkali Salts


Limit of Nonvolatile Residue, USP/FCC


Limit of Oxalate


Loss on Drying, USP 731


Loss on Ignition, USP 733


Melting Range, USP 741/FCC


Mercury, USP 261, Method IIa


Nitrogen/Protein, USP 461


Oxalate, USP 191


Peroxide, USP 191, (Identification)


Peroxide Value, USP 401/FCC


pH, USP 791


Phosphoric Acid Assay, FCC


Propyl Paraben Assay, NF


Protein/Nitrogen USP 461


Pseudomonas aeruginosa, USP 62


Readily Carbonizable Substances, USP 271


Readily Oxidizable Substances, USP/FCC


Reducing Sugars, USP/FCC


Refractive Index, USP 831


Residual Solvents, USP 467, Class 1, 2 or 3


Residue on Evaporation, FCC


Residue on Ignition/Sulfated Ash, USP 281/FCC


Salmonella, USP 62 / 2022


Saponification Cloud Test, NF (White Wax)


Saponification Value, USP 401


Sodium Ascorbate, USP


Sodium Benzoate Assay, NF


Sodium Identification, USP/FCC


Solidification Point, USP/FCC


Specific Gravity, USP 841, method 1


Specific Rotation, USP


Staphylococcus aureus USP 62 / 2022


Sucralose Assay


Sulfate Limit Test, USP 221


Sulfate, USP 191 (Identification)


System Suitability


Tap Density


Total Aerobic Microbial Count, USP 61 / 2021


Total Bacterial Count, USP 61


Total Combined Molds and Yeasts Count, USP 61 / 2021


Ultraviolet Absorption, USP 197


Unsaponifiable Matter, USP 401


Vitamin A, FCC/ USP 571 (Chemical Method)


Water, FCC/USP 921 (Method I / Karl Fischer)




*May require purchase of USP Reference Standard

**Includes System Suitability




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