Samples should be submitted with detailed information provided on the Barrow-Agee Laboratories Sample Submission Form or on company letterhead or purchase order.  When submitting samples, please provide all contact information and sample identification information, along with the specific tests to be performed and estimated expected levels.  Perishable samples should be packed with ice packs or dry ice in coolers and shipped priority overnight for weekday delivery. Microbiological samples should be shipped overnight in coolers with ice packs to maintain a refrigerated temperature of < 10C (< 50F).  For best service, please select 8:00 am delivery for overnight shipments.  Coolers will be returned at client’s expense upon request.  Hazardous samples will be returned to the client for proper disposal.  Non perishable samples will be retained for 30 days, unless otherwise instructed.  Certain types of samples require extensive preparation for analysis, and may entail a sample preparation charge.  Please observe proper sampling techniques, as our analysis is representative only of the sample submitted. 

In cases where more stringent custody requirements are required, sample custody procedures will be discussed with the client before sample submittal and a "Chain of Custody Record" form will be utilized until completion of the analysis and reporting of the analytical results has occurred.


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