PROXIMATE/REFEREE ANALYSIS-See footnote for pricing information

Acid Detergent Fiber


Amino Acid Profile (Including Tryptophan)


Amino Acid, Each


Ammonia Nitrogen






Fat by Acid Hydrolysis




Guaranteed Analysis-Pet Food(Moisture, Protein, Fat and Fiber)


Microscopic Analysis




Neutral Detergent Fiber


Nitrogen Free Extract *




Nitrogen Solubility Index (NSI)


Non Protein Nitrogen (Urea)


Pepsin Digestibility, AOAC (0.2% Pepsin; Includes Protein Test)


Pepsin Digestibility, (0.02% Pepsin; Includes Protein Test)


Pepsin Digestibility, (0.002% Pepsin; Includes Protein Test)


Pepsin Digestibility,Torry Meth,(0.0002% Pepsin; Includes Protein Test)


pH Rise (Urease Activity)


Protein (Combustion)


Protein (Kjeldahl)


Protein (Meat/Food)


Protein Dispersibility Index (PDI)


Protein Solubility


Referee Analysis (AOCS Certified)


  • Referee Protein


  • Referee Fiber


  • Referee Moisture


  • Referee Moisture and Protein


  • Referee Moisture and Fiber


  • Referee Protein, Fiber


  • Referee Moisture, Protein and Fiber




TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) *


Total Volatile Nitrogen (TVN)


Urea  (Non Protein Nitrogen


Urease Activity (pH Rise)




*Includes Protein, Fat, Fiber, Moisture and Ash.



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