FATS AND OILS-See Footnote for pricing information

Acetone Insoluble Matter


Acid Value


Alcohol Insoluble Matter


Anisidine Value




AOM Stability, (Hours to 100 MEQ/KG)


AOM Stability, 20 hours (MEQ/KG)






Bleaching Test, ( Bleached Color)




Calories, by Bomb Calorimeter


Capillary Melting Point


Chick Edema Factor (Dioxin Residues)


Chlorophyll, (PPM)




Cloud Point


Cold Test


Color (FAC or Gardner)


Dimethylpolysiloxane (Silicone)


Dowtherm (Biphenyl and Diphenyl Oxide)




Fat (By Acid Hydrolysis)


Fat (By Alkaline Hydrolysis)


Fatty Acid Profile, % by Weight


Fatty Acid Profile., % Relative


Fatty Acids in Fish Oil (EPA and DHA), Weight %


Fire Point


Flash Point


Free Alkali


Free Fatty Acids


Freeze Point


Glycerol (Glycerin), Free


Glycerol (Glycerin), Total


Hexane Insoluble Matter




Hydroxyl Value


Insoluble Impurities


Iodine Value


Lecithin  (Phospholipids/Calculated from Phosphorus Content)


Lovibond Color


Melting Point, Capillary


Metabolizable Energy of Fats and Oils *


Metabolizable Energy of Animal Fats **


Metabolizable Energy of Vegetable Oils ***


Metals Each (Cu, P, Na, Mg, Fe Ca, Cu, Zn, Mn)




Methyl Esters


Mineral Oil


MIU (Moisture, Insoluble Impurities and Unsaponifiable Matter)


Moisture and Volatile Matter, (Hot Plate)


Moisture and Volatile Matter, (Oven)


Moisture and Volatile Matter, (Vacuum Oven)


Moisture, Karl Fischer


Mono, Di and/or Triglycerides


Neutral Oil




Neutral Oil Loss


Omega Fatty Acids, % Relative


Omega Fatty Acids, % by Weight


OSI (Oil Stability Index)


Oxidized Fatty Acids


Peroxide Value


Pesticide Residues, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons And PCB (USDA Method)


Pesticide Residues, Chlorinated, PCB and Organophosphate

(FDA PAM Method 304)


Phospholipids (Lecithin)






Polar Compounds in Fat


Pour Point


Propyl Gallate


Refined and Bleached Color


Refining Loss


Saponification Value


Saturated Fat, % Relative (Fatty Acid Profile)


Smoke Point




Specific Gravity




TBHQ (Tert-Butylhydroquinone)




Tocopherols, Total


Total Fatty Acids


Trace Metals, ea. (Ca, P, Cu, Mg, Fe)


trans-Fatty Acids, % Relative




Unsaponifiable Matter


Viscosity (Brookfield)




*Requires Fatty Acid Profile


**Requires Fatty Acid Profile, Triglycerides, Iodine Value and Free Fatty Acids


***Requires Fatty Acid Profile, Triglycerides and Iodine Value



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